Penguin Ventures

Penguin Ventures supplies a combination of management skills and fresh capital to Dutch, medium-sized companies that face important strategic and operational challenges. Typical companies for which Penguin Ventures develops its activities are:

  • Companies with management succession problems
  • Companies that experience financial difficulties such that the continuity of the company is threatened
  • Companies facing substantial expansion

The companies have a technical orientation and are active in production, service or trade (or a combination thereof) in a business-to-business environment. Annual revenues are between 10 and 75 million Euro.

Penguin Ventures is definitely not a group of interim managers. On the contrary, Penguin Ventures typically acquires a substantial stake in the company's share capital, supplies fresh capital and executes its management tasks on a long term basis, typically longer than 3 years. In this way Penguin Ventures guarantees development and success of the company and its employees.