Prins Metallurgische Producten

In 2008 Penguin Ventures acquired all shares of Prins Metallurgische Producten in Amersfoort (, followed by two other acquisitions, KBI Metals in Amsterdam and Select Staal & Metaal in Naarden. All companies have been integrated into Prins in the mean time. They all operate from the Prins-office in Amersfoort.

Prins Metallurgische Producten is an international trade company specialised in the production and logistics of casted, forged and sintered metal parts. Prins has offices in Amersfoort (Netherlands) and Shanghai (China). Prins Metallurgische Producten is a strong and stable company, that has built stable relationsships with numerous leading customers.

It is the intention of Penguin Ventures to maintain and expand this position in the coming years

New acquisitions

Currently, Penguin Ventures does not make new acquisitions anymore.